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Friday, November 15, 2013


Today's million-dollar question: Does it spoil a device to change ports while it's charging halfway?

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Ola :)

I got my new phone! Not to broadcast, but I was gonna open with my sister knowing when I realised I haven't even written it in my blog yet.


So yes, I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I remember it was a Wednesday, and I woke up at 9 o'clock because the previous day, my dad promised me he would bring me to see various (mostly just Maxis) service providers to see if he could get any sweet deals on the Note 3. He had wanted to set up a company account, you see, but unfortunately it was still expensive so no, I'm still the only member in my family (excluding my aunt) whose phone does not allow free 3G access, to a certain extent.


After ditching Maxis, my dad brought me to Leisure Mall to check the prices. After finding out about several other stuff as well (the Gear watch, for example), my dad took me to some supplies shop to get some dishes and whatnot for an event at the bistro. Took quite a while there. By the time we exited the shop it was already 12 something near 1p.m. We then came back and ate something, though I can't recall what, while watching Jeff Dunham's Controlled Chaos with my dad. He laughed a lot more watching this rather than Michael McIntyre.

One can only wonder why. Haha.

Halfway through, at about 2 o'clock, (Oh, I remember, I ate nasi lemak with my dad), my mom's student's mom called her with news about the Note 3 (Yes, I asked my aunt to ask her. I was desperate. Sue me).

Thankfully, conditions were met and my dad said we could at 3 (though he at first said we could get it from them 3 months from now, to which I for-the-most-part-playfully strangled him).

At 3, we went to Leisure Mall and got the phone >.< Unfortunately, my phone is still naked without a case because the only black one they had decided to go all funky on me. Went to Delifrance after everything everything was settled and came home.

Yes, that's how I got my phone. It was not easy; everyone was planning on next week but I was too eager. Haha. My mom told me I've 'gone to the dark side'.


Anyway, as for what happened today, I woke up at about 10p.m then freshened up before joining my parents and aunt at Pappa Rich for lunch. Had my usual N012 with the soya milk + pudding. We were originally supposed to eat at the OldTown next door but my parents and aunt decided (after ALL orders were written down) that they had a change of heart.

God -.-

After eating, we came back home and I started doing stuff with my phone. I was mostly writing a lot of stuff and finding the best video and mp3 downloader. At one point Lex was pestering me about more Lukas fantasies so I gave her about 5.

She asked for more O.O

So I gave her another five (all of which were at least 100 words long). My creative juices were summoned once again when she wanted more. So I told her I would give her more at 6 o'clock.

What? I needed time to think and eat dinner as well, right? Sheesh. I also had to bathe first, which was what I did. After bathing, I thought about more fantasies while watching Showtime. Yes, I'm addicted, so sue me.

Steamed some dim sum for dinner. No eggs, surprisingly. Decided against it.

When 6:30p.m came, Lex messaged me for the ideas so I gave it to her. About 6 fantasies, each at least 150 words long. My fingers were well-worn by the time I said I was done. Obviously, she loved it (okay, tooting my own horn here) and wanted more (surprise, surprise -.-). I told her I would give her more only tomorrow.

I was tired and charging my batteries so I couldn't afford to use my phone so much. Not to mention I switched my laptop off too because it pulled an all-nighter yesterday charging my phone.

Ooh, I'm also up-to-date with Big Bang Theory's Season 7. The two latest episodes were alright. Not as good as episode 6, but still enjoyable. Especially the Raj and Howard bits.

Okay, I'm pretty much exhausted right now. I have to pull myself together to read Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Richard III again before Wednesday, so...


That's about it, then.


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