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Friday, November 8, 2013


Today's million-dollar question: To write or not to write?

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Ola :)

I'm really exhausted right now so this post will most likely be very short. Nothing much happened from before. I mean, I wake up, eat, use my laptop, study and then go to sleep.

I exist O.O

Real interesting, right?


Oh yes, I just recently re-watched Rooftop Prince, since Micky was also in that show. I just love watching him act. The expressions on his face are priceless and I enjoyed the gutsy female lead from the drama too.

Am thinking of finishing off My Princess from before, but not until my exams are over.

I overloaded on Micky, after all >.<


That sounded dirtier than intended -.-

Anyway, today I woke up at 6:53a.m. Why so specific? Because I checked my phone, duh. Of course, I was actually supposed to get up at 5:30a.m to study for Business Studies but I was so sleepy I ended up sleeping through my alarms.


After waking up, I freshened myself in my parents' bathroom, changed and studied until my brother finally got up and decided to leave at 7:50a.m.

I reached college at 8:11++a.m, where I immediately went up to the library to study. Pain joined me not too long after and we were (well, at least I was) rudely interrupted by that person again. Had to excuse myself to drink water because I refused to stay within a mile radius of the both of them.

That person left shortly after and I continued studying, using the library computer to read up on past year questions and the marking scheme.

At around 9:30a.m, Pain said she was hungry so we went down to the canteen where the both of us ate nasi lemak and drank iced Milo. When 10:10a.m came, Prabha came and joined us for breakfast. Continued studying in the canteen, but before we could suggest returning to the library to resume revision, Dellie messaged me stating her intentions to have us accompany her for lunch.

We obliged.

After lunch came and went (I had a roti canai when Prabha came, by the way), we studied all the way to 12:30p.m. That was when we all went upstairs to get everything ready for our exam paper.

T'was alright, I guess. I answered everything. Now it's all up to the examiner O.O

Exam ended at 2:30p.m, but the invigilator watched to 'go over some rules' with us so we were delayed until a good TEN minutes after the paper ended, at 2:40p.m. I went bananas because I was supposed to meet Dellie and go to TS to catch a movie.

She still insisted on watching it despite the 20-minute delay, though. Oh well, I got to see Hiddleston again anyway, so what the heck >.<

At 5p.m the movie ended and I journeyed back to the college to grab my bag and then take the train home. Mom picked me up and dropped me off before leaving to the office.

I, on the other hand, bathed and then watched a few Detective Conan and Big Bang Theory episodes before drafting this post. Will be continuing Rendezvous too because I wanna relax for the rest of the day. You know, since after today, it will be a battle with Psychology to the death -.-

Am thinking of sleeping early too. Tired, remember?

That's about it, then.


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P/P/S: So much for 'a very short post', huh? XP

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