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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today's million-dollar question: Why do we fear?

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Ola :)

I haven't updated these past couple of weeks, yes, yes. I have a reason, remember? I have had exams since the start of October, after all. I swear, I'll be glad when the 20th of November has come and gone -.-

Anyways, as just a brief update on how my life's been, I attended a friend's birthday party on the 20th of October. It was really fun because I haven't been to any of my friend's birthday parties since I was... I don't know... 15 or 16, maybe? That's of course, excluding all the birthday meets in shopping malls – I don't really consider those 'parties'.

The food there was glorious – all hand-cooked by Lex's one and only mother – and although things got a bit awkward at first (since Lex invited her school friends as well and we didn't know the majority of them), but things slowly got smoother as the day settled. Also, the games and Karaoke made everything all the more interesting. Ooh, and the look on Lex's face when I played her my song on the guitar~

Thank God I didn't stumble and make mistakes that would've completely ruined the song.

Alright, so that was the 20th of October. What of more recent days?

Oh yes, my sister just recently came back from Singapore in conjunction with All Souls' Day so we could visit our grandmother's grave together as a family. I made her watch Monster's University, Pacific Rim, as well as the most recent episodes of Big Bang Theory. I wanted my sister to watch Planes too, but I had not downloaded it yet, so...

Which reminds me, I also downloaded Sherlock episodes from Seasons 1 and 2, as well as the first two – and currently only existing – episodes of BBC's Dracula. Looks alright so far, though I'm not so sure of the sex scenes -.-

Big Bang Theory's Season 7's episode 6 is also currently my favourite episode in the season because of Howard's awesome song. He's so cute when it comes to things like making Bernadette happy.

Let's see... What other interesting things happened during these last few days? Oh right, our aunt's maid ran away so she's once again panicking like nobody's business. We try to help as much as possible, of course.

Ooh, and I caught Richard Clayderman's concert on the 4th of November. It wasn't too bad, I guess. I mean, at least the string section was live this time, instead of recorded like the first time I saw himm perform in Genting.

Invited Pow because she seemed to be really interested in catching his show. Asked Dellie first, but she was in Sungai Petani at the time, so she had to miss it.

At the Plenary Hall, I saw Lex and her parents as well as Ah Ming, who was with her friend there.

As for what happened today, I woke up at around 10 something because of my dad. I would've slept for longer if he hadn't butt in. Not to mention, I had to drink the delightfully disgusting cup of lemon extract and a bowl of mixed fruits again. I only thank the heavens my mom didn't include any avocado into the fruit platter today.


After eating, I used my laptop to do stuff. Can't really remember what, but I think it had something to do with the first episode of Dracula. I also just finished watching the third and final episode of Sherlock's second season. It was certainly exhilarating and I hated James Moriarty. I sincerely wish he died.

That aside, after 12 something, I went out to the office because because my dad insisted on my eating lunch with them. So I did, even though I had already eaten before that. My dad is quite a hard person to say 'no' to, actually.

When I had finished lunch, I came back home, collected the clothes and then continued watching Detective Conan's 5th movie as well as the 15th movie, though I believe the latter came first.

After watching the movies, I suddenly felt like watching this one Korean drama called Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I saw it in the Star Newspaper in the office before we went out to lunch and since I saw that Micky (from DBSK) was the male lead, I had to see what it was about.

I was hooked. I mean, it's not really the kind of show I would watch – since it was set in the Joseon era – but I tried it anyway because I love Micky and a lot of things about the show interested me.

So yeah, I began watching. Ate siew mai and other dim sum stuff for dinner, including a cup of milk, before resuming my thingymajing. I'm trying to finish watching this as soon as is possible so that I can spend the next few days girding myself with my battle armour.

Well, I technically mean studying, but never mind.

So yup, you are currently up-to-date where my life is concerned.


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